Rabies Prevention Program

Rabies Prevention Program:

The Township of Wyckoff Board of Health sponsors a free rabies prevention program annually.  The program is scheduled for the 1st Saturday in January (inclement weather date is the following Saturday).  The rabies prevention program is held from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in the Wyckoff Department of Public Works Building at 475 West Main Street.  Residents can also license their dogs and cats at this time for a fee.

About Rabies Vaccines:

It is important to have your dogs and cats inoculated against rabies because the number of dogs and cats confirmed with rabies has increased significantly in the United States during the past several years.  A rabies vaccination is a preventative screen or protection against the spread of the disease between dogs, cats and people.  Remember, people should stay away from all domestic, wild and stray animals which are aggressive, or appear to be sick, because they may be rabid.