Marriage Licenses

Who Should Apply:

Either party who resides in Wyckoff should apply in town.  If both parties reside out of state, then application must be made in the municipality where the ceremony will be performed.  License will be clearly marked "Valid Only in the Township of Wyckoff."  Applicants must schedule an appointment with the Registrar's Office when both applicants and a witness can be present.  Minor applicants should contact the Clerk's office for additional information.

How to Apply:

An appointment is necessary and can be scheduled by calling the Municipal Clerk’s Office at Town Hall in Wyckoff.  The telephone number is (201) 891-7000, ext. #1010.  The Municipal Clerk's Office at Town Hall in Wyckoff is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.  A blood test is no longer required for marriage.

Persons Required to be Present:

  1. Two (2) applicants applying for the marriage license.
  2. One witness 18 or older.

Required Applicant Items:

  1. Birth certificate;
  2. Social security number;
  3. Driver’s license, utility bill, or bank statement with current address;
  4. $28.00 fee payable to the "Township of Wyckoff";
  5. If married before: death certificate, annulment, or divorce papers;
  6. Parents' birth places;
  7. Mothers’ maiden name;
  8. Name and address of person officiating ceremony;
  9. Date of marriage ceremony.

Waiting Period After Application:

An appointment must be made with the Clerk's Office at (201) 891-7000, ext. #1010 in order to obtain a marriage license.  It is recommended to make the appointment at least two (2) weeks prior to the ceremony.  There is a state-mandated 72-hour waiting period from the time when you apply for a marriage license to the release of the actual license.  Town Hall is closed on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Who Can Officiate a Wedding in New Jersey?

Marriage License Valid:

A marriage license is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of pick up but must be picked up prior to the marriage ceremony and given to the officiant before the ceremony in order to be completed by the officiant and the two witnesses.

Certified Copy of Marriage License:

Certified copies can be obtained from the town where the marriage took place.

Any questions, please call the Clerk's Office at 201-891-7000, ext #1010.

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