About Us

Environmental Commission:

The Wyckoff Environmental Commission is made up of 5 – 7 resident volunteers appointed by the Township Committee, including one member who also serves on the Planning Board.  A non-voting high school student member interested in environmental matters also serves on the Commission.  The Environmental Commission meets on the third Monday of the month throughout the year at 7:00 pm in the 2nd floor Conference Room in Memorial Town Hall.

The Wyckoff Environmental Commission was established in 1972.  The Commission’s role is provided by NJSA 40:56A-1 et seq, with the primary purpose to advise and make recommendations to the Township Committee on the promotion and encouragement of awareness on environmental and sustainable issues, conservation, recycling, litter prevention, and responsible use and development of our natural resources and open space.  The Commission also works with other neighboring municipalities to share “best practices.”

Green Team Task Force:

In 2011, as part of Wyckoff’s participation in the Sustainable Jersey Program, the Environmental Commission was appointed the Wyckoff Green Team.  The following five (5) Green Team Task Forces were established as an advisory body to the Wyckoff Environmental Commission:

  1. Community — Partnership and Outreach, Diversity & Equity, Health and Wellness, Food, Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation.
  2. Building & Energy — Energy Efficiency, Green House Gas/Municipal Carbon Footprint, Green Design, Innovative Demonstration Projects
  3. Land Use & Local Business — Land Use & Transportation, Local Economies, Natural Resources, Animals in the Community
  4. Waste Management, Operations, & Facilities
  5. Media & Public Relations