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Composting allows residents the opportunity to turn their yard waste and kitchen scraps into something useful - rich garden soil. This is a form of recycling that can be done from beginning to end in your own backyards. Backyard compost bins turn vegetative kitchen scraps, coffee grinds, tea bags, grass clippings, brown leaves, and dead garden plants into nice crumbly compost.  Compost improves your soil and the plants growing in it by creating a rich compost that can be used for potting soil and humus and for your vegetable and/or flower gardens.

Did you know almost 40% of food produced in the U.S. is wasted? Why not divert this waste from going into landfills and turn it into nutrient rich soil for your home use!!!

Benefits of Composting

  1. Reduces the amount of landfill waste (food makes up 20% landfill waste)
  2. Creates nutrient rich compost soil that retains more water, reduces soil erosion and reduces the use of synthetic pesticides
  3. Composting helps you and your municipality save money too $$$$

Why Compost









Learn the Basics of Composting at Home HERE

Composters can be purchased by contacting Township Committeewoman Beth Fischer. Click HERE for more information.


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In 2019, our Jr. Commissioner conducted a survey of 210 Wyckoff residents about home composting and this is what we learned: 2019 Composting Survey Results

2019 Fall Composting Event- October 26th- pictures

On Saturday, October 26th, the Wyckoff Environmental Commission/Green Team hosted its Fall composting workshop at Russell Farms Community Park. Former Township Committeeman Brian Scanlan was our guest speaker and gave a very informative and engaging workshop on composting. The group presented the Monarch Butterfly Garden with it’s recently installed Monarch Meadow Restoration project sign, certified and registered Monarch Waystation sign and weather proof box with brochures created by the Girl Scouts Troop 94686