I am planning on selling my home, can my realtor place For Sale signs on my lawn and at the intersection of my road and intersecting roads?

Your realtor should visit the Construction Department in Town Hall and obtain an Application For a Temporary Real Estate Permit. This application, when completed and approved allows for one (1) real estate For Sale/For Rent sign per property. This permit is valid only when the realtor/applicant is compliant with the following regulations, as permitted by Township Ordinance #809:

Type of Sign: One (1) Non-Illuminated Real Estate For Sale/For Rent Sign

Size of Sign: Not to exceed four (4) square feet

Location of Sign: Set back ten (10) feet from edge of pavement or curb on property which is for sale only.

Permit Valid For: From application approval to seven (7) days after reaching an agreement to sell or lease.

This permit is valid for this property only and it is not transferable to another property.

Pursuant to the Code of the Township of Wyckoff, #186-28, SIGNS, off premise real estate For Sale signs are prohibited. The real estate sign is only permitted on the property For Sale or For Rent.