We recently began remodeling our house. When I obtained the building permit, I was advised that building and construction materials cannot be placed curbside with the regular garbage. What should be done with this material?

There are a few reasons why building material is not accepted in the municipal garbage collection. First, construction and demolition debris is no longer allowed in any municipal waste as per state regulations. This material is disposed of or recycled separately. Second, the Township's household garbage (table waste, food packaging, etc.) and recycling collection is garbage and recycling which is regularly generated from a typical home. Construction debris from a home renovation is not household garbage. It would be unfair to those residents who were not remodeling their home to pay for other resident's construction debris. The removal of construction debris is usually and customarily part of the cost to renovate one's home.

When disposing of remodeling or construction debris, residents are advised to call a garbage disposal or recycling company and arrange for a special pickup. A listing of companies in the area which perform this service can be found in your phone book under "rubbish" and or "recycling." Special items also require a special collection. For more information regarding garbage and recycling collection in Wyckoff, please visit the Trash and Recycling portion of our website.