Construction and Demolition Waste

Collection Regulations for Construction or Renovation


It is important that property owners comply with the Township of Wyckoff’s trash and refuse collection regulations when undertaking any renovation or structural alteration. Wyckoff’s garbage and trash collection are an essential service program and it has been designed to  benefit taxpayers in an efficient and equitable manner. It is structured to provide collection of the usual daily household garbage and trash materials that are generated by everyone. It is unfair to burden the taxpayer with costs for collection and disposal of materials generated by renovations or construction.

When contracting for dumpsters and private collection pick-ups, you must instruct the disposal company to collect the dumpster from Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 7:00am to 4:00 pm only.

The following items WILL NOT be picked up by the Township hauler at the curb with household garbage:

  • Wooden pallets of any kind
  • Paints/thinners
  • Liquids
  • Stone/rock/concrete/brick
  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Building/Construction materials (windows, doors, paneling, toilets, sinks, cabinets, tile, lumber, etc.)

For further information please contact the Recycling Coordinator at 201 891-7000 x 402