How should I dispose of my residential appliances, room air conditioner, hot water heater or dehumidifier?

If the retailer from whom you’ve purchased the new unit does not provide for proper disposal of these appliances, either bring it to the Recycling/Conservation Center or call the Wyckoff Recycling Coordinator at 201-891-7000 ext 101 prior to placing at the curb and provide your address to arrange for curbside pick-up.

Remember that the doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers before placing the units at the curb or for any other disposal.

Central air conditioning units are considered construction material and private pickup must be arranged. Before installing or replacing central air conditioning, you must obtain a building permit from the Building Department located in Town Hall.

A comprehensive list of items and how you can dispose of them can be found on our website under Recycling & Trash. We must all share the responsibility for proper disposal of these appliances.