Application Instructions

Fence Applications:

Before any new fence, retaining wall, or freestanding wall can be erected, an application must be made to the Zoning Administrator for a fence zoning permit. The application shall include a plot plan showing the location of the fence or wall, a description of the type of fence or wall to be erected, and the height of the fence or wall.

Fences located in the front yard that are more than 50% solid or higher than 4’ will require a variance application to the Planning Board.

Corner lots are considered to have two (2) front yards and are, therefore, subject to more stringent requirements than an interior lot. On a corner lot, no fence or wall may be erected within 25 feet of the point of intersection of the front and corner side lot lines in order to maintain clear visibility for traffic and pedestrians at the corner.

In residential zones, fences installed in the front yard shall be landscaped along that portion facing a street with hedge or shrubs of a height equal to at least half the height of the fence and set on three-foot centers or closer according to Wyckoff Code 168-20F(4).

Site Plan/Subdivision Applications:

If you are applying for a site plan application or a subdivision application, there is a 45 day completeness review period which begins on the day the plans are submitted to the Planning Board Office. A variance application may need to be completed if applicable. Corner lots are considered to have two (2) front yards and are, therefore, subject to more stringent requirements than an interior lot.

During this completeness review period, the application and site plan will be reviewed by the Township Engineer or Consulting Engineer staff for compliance (completeness) with site plan requirements contained in Chapter 168 and 186 of the Code of the Township of Wyckoff. Only after the application is recommended by staff as complete is the application placed on the next agenda for review by the Planning Board. At the work session the Planning Board will review the completeness of the application only and advise the applicant if their application is ready for a public hearing. If complete, the applicant will be assigned a public meeting date.

  • Plan accordingly. The element of time is crucial to your application being scheduled for a public meeting of the Planning Board and helps avoid any inconvenience or postponements.
  • Property owners within 200’ of the property in question will need to be notified of the hearing meeting at least ten (10) days before the scheduled meeting. If this procedure is not properly followed, the application will be postponed.
  • Planning Board meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. All applications are submitted to the Planning Board Office, Room 110, located on the first floor in the west wing section of Town Hall.

We hope this is helpful. If you have any questions we encourage you to call the Board Secretary at (201) 891-7000, ext. 117.