Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update July 24, 2020

I got the results for the entire Shanley family that got tested on Tuesday at the Bergen New Bridge Mobile Testing done for Wyckoff, Waldwick and Saddle River. All Shanley’s tested negative for COVID-19 as I expected. To the Patch reporter reading my message please report we got tested to attend the Mobile Testing run by Bergen New Bridge Medical for Wyckoff, not because we were symptomatic but to be leaders. Your news article caused many to worry unnecessarily.

We were being leaders to protect Wyckoff and trying to encourage testing since many people are not symptomatic and are carrying this virus and spreading it as a result unknowingly. I also got tested for antibodies when I was there. I learned today after getting tested for antibodies on Tuesday at the Mobile Testing site that I have COVID-19 antibodies in my O negative blood. How I have them is a mystery to me as I have never had one of the symptoms that COVID-19 patients that have become sick have experienced. New Bridge only said it means I was exposed to the virus and my body fought it off with me not getting sick.

NJ remains on the right path. NJ had 488 new positives today that brings NJ to 178,345 positives. This number is higher than we would like but is a result of labs catching up with the testing that was delayed for days this week. NJ hospitalizations are down again from 873 on Wednesday to 800 today. They decreased in the North from 390 on Wednesday to 344 today, decreased in the Central from 244 on Wednesday to 235 today and decreased in the South from 239 Wednesday to 221 today. Patients on ventilators deceased by 15 and to 2.0% today. Patients in critical care decreased from 151 Wednesday to 138 today.

Bergen County positives increased from 20,094 on Tuesday to 20,187 Wyckoff positives increased from 361 on Tuesday to 367 today, an increase of 6 since Tuesday. This is likely the result of the testing that was done at the mobile site on Tuesday that exceeded 600 tests. NJ has a problem with its long term care site as it is missing a number of Bergen County sites like CHCC. I advised the Governor's aids about it 2 days ago and it still has not been fixed so I cannot tell if any of the 6 new positives are at CHCC.

Importantly, the Rate of Transmission (ROT) decreased from . 90 Wednesday to .84 and remains under 1. The positive test rate for tests on 7-20-20 was 2.3% which is still one of the lowest positive test rates in the United States.

This weekend if you have not filled out your families 2020 Census please do me a favor and do so. It can be found at 2020census.com. According to this site 79.9% of Wyckoff completed the self report. The closer we get to 100% the better as FEMA aid, school aid and other federal aid and representation in Congress is based on how many people live here. This number will stay the same number for the next decade as it is done as per our Constitution every 10 years. Count everyone who lives in your household, even the infants as they will be 10 years old by the time the next census is taken and they will be in school well before then.

Thank you all for doing so well in keep the spread of this horrible virus low in Wyckoff. Remain Wyckoff Strong!

My next report is Monday night. Enjoy your weekend with your family and keep the faith.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor