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Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update 4-26-20

There were some more positive signs on our fight against this virus.  The NJ hospital admissions for a 5th straight day and patients on ventilators for a 4th straight day continued their downward trend which is great news.   The positive test results, however, continue on a flat curve with 3,515 new positives to bring NJ totals to 109,038.   Bergen County positives increased to 15,036 today and are on a flat curve as well.

Wyckoff positives increased to 262 and we received news of another death of a Wyckoff resident bringing our total to 43 deaths.  Please keep this person and their family in your thoughts and prayers.  Bergen County advised these increased numbers are associated with new treatments at CHCC.

The State of NJ has drastically increased testing and is gearing up to be able to test more and more should we start opening up the economy again.  We unfortunately are not there yet and hopefully by this time at the end of next weekend we show more progress toward ending this lock down.  

We will all get there and I want nothing more than to share good news with you.   New York State is getting closer but is holding back on plans to reopen downstate NY because of NJ and CT not heading down the mountain yet.  Hopefully we start our path down the mountain this week. 

Keep the faith we will get to the end together. Please continue to remain at home and wearing masks when going out for necessities.   With all the positives about our descending curve for hospitalizations and patients on ventilators we are close to heading down the mountain on the positive test results by staying our course and the path we have been on since March.  These positives happened in NY before they started heading down their mountain.

We've got this and will get to the end together.  Wyckoff Strong.

Have a great night.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor