Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update July 7, 2020

NJ had 310 new positives and is now up to 173,878 positives. Hospitalizations slightly increased today to 903 and increased in the North to 398, decreased in the Central to 254 and increased in the South to 251. Ventilator use dropped to 4.6% and patients in critical care dropped to 169. There was no update on the reproduction rate from NJ today.

Since our last numbers update on Friday, Bergen County had 133 new positives and is now at 19,684. Wyckoff had 3 new positives and is at 355. Tonight's report was late as these numbers just came in minutes ago.

Today on a conference call with the Governor's senior aids it was advised that the Governor is working on a State mandate that masks be worn out in public when in a park, on the beach or on a boardwalk down the shore. It could be announced tomorrow. There is no current plan for indoor dining anytime soon coming out of Trenton. NJ added 3 more states to the recommended 14 day quarantine list, Delaware, Oklahoma and Kansas. This list now has 19 states on it. The Governor's aids also advised that the State has built up a stockpile of 3 month supply of PPE and is requiring all Counties to build up a 3 month supply as well. It was also announced that Governor Murphy is now only doing press conferences on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for COVID-19 updates. There was no press conference today.

The reports today show we are on a good track but need some improvement in reducing the hospitalizations. The virus transmission has been reduced in Wyckoff and we are in good shape as a result of wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings, socially distancing and watching out for our neighbors. We need to remain vigilant to get to the end of this pandemic as a strong Wyckoff family. We got this because we are Wyckoff Strong.

Have a great night.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor