Paving Equipment

The Wyckoff Township “Committee, with the assistance of a $215,000 NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Trust Fund Grant, will resurface Lafayette Ave from Hawthorne to Wyckoff Ave. The Wyckoff Police Department will establish road detours and close access to through traffic as the milling and paving work progresses. Residents residing on Lafayette Ave will have access to their homes from one direction, but not from both directions during the work. A short delay will result when the work is performed in front of their homes. Access will be available for: garbage collection, recycling collection, and mail delivery as well as emergency response vehicles for homes within the work area. Work will be performed Monday through Saturday, 7 am to 6 pm. Residents are advised to plan their traveling schedule accordingly.

Motorists are urged to drive at safe speeds, follow the detour route or plan an alternate route, and always drive with caution.

Lafayette Ave has a posted maximum 25mph speed limit. Motorists should expect speed enforcement.

The township has been successful in past years and has been awarded grants which funded the paving of the following municipal roads: Mountain Ave, West Main Street, Grandview Ave, Lawlins Road, Crescent Ave, Monroe Ave, and Park Ave.

This project demonstrates continuing efforts to obtain funding to allow the Township to again achieve an improvement without having to spend Wyckoff property tax dollars. Getting our fair share of our tax dollars back from the State is a high priority given the continuing efforts in Trenton to reduce municipal funding to towns like Wyckoff. In 2010, the Township of Wyckoff suffered the largest percentage of decrease in State aid of any Bergen County’s 70 municipalities – 25.5% or $373,363; this funding has not been restored. (And a loss of State aid of $594,911 since 2006).

The NJDOT Trust Fund Grant Program requirements restrict applications to heavily traveled municipal roads which meet the following requirements; municipal roads which connect to two (2) county roads, (county roads are truck arteries and heavily traveled roads) or municipal roads which connect to another municipality and a county road, or municipal roads which are NJ transit bus routes, or municipal roads which are major routes to schools which experience extensive and consistent vehicle traffic. Seventy percent (70%) of the roads in New Jersey are maintained by municipal governments. Wyckoff has successfully utilized grant awards from this competitive State-wide grant program to keep these municipal arterial roads open and in good repair. 

Notice to residents which were hand-delivered to each home.