Property Taxes

2019 Total Tax Levy Pie Chart

Selling Your Home:

If you are planning to sell your home, it is your responsibility to forward your tax bill and sewer service bill to the new homeowner at closing.  New bills are not automatically mailed to new homeowners.  A new homeowner can obtain duplicate bills for a fee of $3.00 by contacting the tax collector's office.

Tax Advice Copy:

If you receive a Tax Advice Copy but no longer have a mortgage company paying your taxes, you should use the Advice Copy to make your payments.  It is your responsibility to ensure your payments are received by the due date.  An original bill will not be sent.

Online Banking:

Important notice if you use your banking institution's online checking service:

  1. Put property location and block and lot identifier for the property you are paying on the check;
  2. Allow at least 14 days for your bank to process your check and mail it to us by the tax payment due date.

Apportionment of Taxes:

The municipal taxes are only a portion of a Wyckoff property taxpayer's obligation.  Three other separate governmental entities, Bergen County government, Wyckoff Local Public School District, and the Ramapo-Indian Hills Regional School District develop and adopt their own budgets to be funded by taxes.

However, New Jersey's fiscal laws require the municipal government of Wyckoff to serve as a billing and collection agency for all four separate entities.

The 2019 apportionment of taxes is as follows:

Tax TypeAmount2019 Rate2018 Rate2017 Rate2016 Rate2015 Rate
Municipal Taxes$11,936,503$0.253$0.249$0.245$0.244$0.241
Library Taxes

$  1,558,953

Municipal Open Space Taxes$     233,772$0.005$0.005$0.005$0.005$0.005
County Taxes$10,940,990$0.233$0.232$0.239


County Open Spaces Taxes$     469,749$0.010$0.010$0.010$0.003$0.003
Local School Taxes$39,628,704$0.841$0.827$0.816$0.803$0.788
Regional School Taxes$20,545,362$0.435$0.429$0.412$0.408$0.412
Total Taxes$85,316,033$1.810$1.782$1.76$1.732$1.713

If a home and property is assessed at $790,000, a property owner will pay 1.810 for every $100 of assessed value.  The annual tax obligation for this home will be $14,299.00.  From that $14,299.00, the following amounts are required to finance the services of:

Tax TypeAmount% of Tax
Municipal Government$1,998.0013.97
Municipal Open Space$40.000.28
County Government


County Open Space$79.000.55
Local School District$6,644.0046.46
Regional School District$3,436.0024.03
Total Taxes$14299.00100%

Real property taxes are due on Feb 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st.  The Township Committee passed a resolution which allows for a ten calendar day grace period.  Any real property tax payments received after the 10th calendar day of the month in which the taxes are due will be considered late and interest will be charged.  The interest rate charged for late payment of taxes is 8% on the first $1,500.00 and 18% on the amount over $1,500.00.  A year-end penalty will be charged at 6% on all delinquent balances (including interest) in excess of $10,000 not received by December 31st.  Please read the back of the tax bill for valuable information that may answer many of your questions.

2019 Total Tax Levy Pie Chart