Tax Appeal Evidence

All evidence for tax appeals must be served in “hard” copy and cannot be forwarded through email, fax or other electronic transmission.

Evidence must be served, and received, within the mandated timeframe for appeals - whether at the County Board or Tax Court level.

“Postmark” as of a given date does not suffice with regard to timely service. Evidence should be delivered only to the specific parties and not to another Township office or department. Any photographs, charts or other attachments for your tax appeal must be attached to the hard copy and will not be returned as they become part of the permanent record. Please be sure to label all items (identically), including photographs, with the correct block and lot identifier. Anything you submit to this office for an appeal must also be submitted to all of the requisite parties; Bergen County Board of Taxation or Tax Court of New Jersey and the Municipal Clerk directly. Due to the legal/procedural requirements, limited staffing and budgetary restrictions, this office will not copy and/or forward evidence submitted.

Feel free to call (201) 891-7000 ext. 114 if you have any questions for our Tax Assessor or Tax Assessor Secretary.