What are the rules that must be followed by dog owners?

Dog owners in Wyckoff are required to follow the requirements listed below:

  1. Dog licenses must be obtained each year by January 31.
  2. Dogs must be walked on a leash at all times. No leash is needed on dog owner’s private property. Dogs are prohibited from running at large.
  3. Persons walking a dog on a leash are required to curb their dog and immediately remove all feces deposited by such dog by placing it in a waterproof container, properly sealed and placed in a garbage container, or disposed of in any other sanitary manner.

If a dog barks continually you should ask your neighbor politely to provide more control over their dog. If the situation continues, you may contact the Police Department to discuss an application for the neighborhood dispute resolution process or, if the dog is being an annoyance, sign a summons for a violation of the Township's "Noise" ordinance.