Dear Wyckoff Resident –


Due to the March 7th snow and wind storm and the resultant extensive damage to trees in the public right-of-way, the Wyckoff DPW will perform a curbside branch and limb collection beginning March 19, 2018.


Between today and March 17, 2018 the DPW will continue to remove branches and fallen trees to open public roadways.


Effective Monday, March 19th the DPW will conduct ONE town-wide collection in the order of the leaf collection routes, beginning in District #1, and limited to the following storm damage items:


  •        Branches and limbs from all trees located in the public right of way.


  •       Branches and limbs from other storm damaged trees on your property not exceeding 5 inches in diameter.




  •  Place the branches (no larger than 5 inches in diameter) at the edge of your property, but not in the roadway or blocking the sidewalk. The DPW will not collect tree trunks, logs, or firewood.
  • Please pitch in, and, if you are able, bring your branches to the Recycling and Conservation Center located at 476 W. Main Street Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Trees on private property remain the responsibility of the homeowner, and as such, damaged trees are are the homeowner’s responsibility.

Please be patient, as our first priority is to open all of Wyckoff’s ninety-two (92) miles of roads and press the utility companies to restore power to all Wyckoff property owners.


Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.