Utility Tree Trimming

At Rockland Electric Company we are committed to ensuring that our electric distribution lines are properly maintained.  Because interference from tree limbs is the single most frequent cause of power outages, periodic tree maintenance along overhead electric distribution wires is critically important in reducing potential power outages.

We will soon be conducting such work in the Township of Wyckoff and we want to keep you informed of our planned activities.

As you may know, distribution lines carry electricity from the overhead lines along the streets to homes and businesses.  To reduce the danger and inconvenience associated with power outages, our Distribution Line Clearance Program calls for us to cut back trees that are touching lines or which have the potential to interfere with the wires.  At the same time, we remove dead trees and underbrush.  Our work crews will make every effort to be in and out of the area as quickly as possible.  Since this type of work is now performed on a four-year cycle, any neighborhood included this year will not be visited again for routine upkeep (except in emergencies) for approximately four years.

We want you to know our current schedule for distribution line tree maintenance.  This work will begin on or about February 9, 2021 and continue for approximately four (4) weeks. Nelson Tree Service, under O&R supervision, has been contracted for this project.  Residents will be contacted via letter to be apprised of the program requirements. We will perform tree trimming and removal work along the following streets: Sicomac Avenue, Russel Avenue, Wyckoff Avenue, Route 208, Terhune Terrace, Albemarle Street, Wayfair Circle, Eder Avenue, Clinton Avenue, Old Woods Road, Birchwood Drive, Laurel Lane, William Way, Eugene Way, Long Drive, Helena Avenue, Ackerson Avenue and associated side streets.  

Additional tree maintenance and removals are scheduled to begin on Monday, March 1st in the area of Wyckoff and Godwin Avenues, as well as on Greenwood Avenue. 

We Trim theTrees to Keep Your Lights On

Severe weather, including strong winds, lightning, and ice storms, is the main cause of power outages. Storms can cause trees and tree limbs to fall on overhead power lines, damage our equipment, and interrupt your service.

To protect our equipment and prevent power outages, we regularly inspect and carefully trim trees to keep them safe distances away from overhead power lines. We hire professional foresters who are specially trained in preserving tree health and follow International Society of Arboriculture pruning guidelines.

Over the past few years, hurricanes and other big storms have severely damaged trees, causing widespread power outages. Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter just days later in 2012 knocked out power for 70 percent of our customers served by overhead lines — more than five times the number of outages than any other storm in our history.

As weather forecasters expect the frequency of storms to increase, we are redoubling our efforts to prevent outages and reduce the time it takes to restore power when an outage occurs. Read more about how we are strengthening our systems against storm damage.

View a video which explains this tree trimming process.