Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update 5-28-20

Today the State of NJ reported 1,261 new positives bring NJ to 157,815. Hospitalizations went up slightly again for a second straight day to 2,797. Patients on ventilators and in critical care continued their decent.

Bergen County positives went up 55 positives to 18,158 Wyckoff. Wyckoff had 2 new positives tonight bring our positive total to 321.

In light of our recent increase in positives I got a lot of questions about how CHCC cases are impacting our town numbers. As most of you know, CHCC stats are online from the State of NJ. The link is attached again for your convenience. Their positives are now broken down to residents and staff when before they were all lumped together. CHCC Residents are Wyckoff residents and end up in Wyckoff's numbers for positives and deaths. Here is the breakdown:

CHCC Residents 111 positives and 50 deaths.

CHCC Staff 89 positives that only wind up in Wyckoff's
numbers if they live here in Wyckoff


Therefore, CHCC has 111 of our 321 positives and 50 of our 70 deaths.

Tomorrow we are expecting some positive news on some further re-openings coming from Governor Murphy. Those range from outside dining, to in store shopping, barbers and hair salons, youth baseball and soccer, etc. I had a sub-committee meeting today on how we can help our local restaurants with outdoor dining so we can discuss it at next weeks Township Committee meeting.

We are proceeding toward more openings but need to remain smart when that happens. Keep the faith and we will all get there together.

Have a great night.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor