Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update 5-27-20.

Today is day to remind us that this virus is still out there. While we are on a good path, Today we saw a slight increase in hospitalizations and patients on ventilators but we did see a continued decrease in patients in critical care. Overall the weekly trends are good though.

NJ new positives were 970 and again under 1,000. NJ now has 156,628. NJ is doing a lot of testing and the positive is the positive percentage is only at 7%. Being under 10% is were the CDC wants us to be.

Unfortunately, Wyckoff had 7 new positives bring us to 319 and Bergen County Health advised me tonight that we had 2 more deaths of Wyckoff residents bring us to 70 deaths. Please keep these lost souls and their families in your thoughts and prayers. BC Heath advised they were not from CHCC.

I must apologize for my late report. When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was to go downstairs to get coffee creamer from the downstairs refrigerator. My first step was onto a wet rug. The energy efficient hot water heater we installed after we moved to Wyckoff leaked overnight. Luckily the entire 50 gallons did not leak and I was able to turn off the water valve to the heater and deal with the leak until Reiner got here to re-install another high efficiency water heater for us late this afternoon. We are now back to normal. That and the report of new deaths effected my mental health on doing an update tonight so my apologies for the delay. I got the strength to do it though.

I want to be able to report all good news but sometimes the truth is not always positive. I wish I could change that but cannot and will always report the truth even if it requires me to dig deep for inner strength. .

I can only rely on my faith that we are on a good path and that we we get through this together as a Wyckoff family. I will remain Wyckoff Strong and ask everyone else to do so as well.

Keep the faith and remain Wyckoff Strong. We got this!

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor