Wyckoff Township Seal

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update 5-13-20

Today was a very rough day in the Shanley house as it was our first full day without our dog Seamus.  All the Shanleys were feeling the loss of our family member as there were constant reminders of him everywhere and very often from the second we all woke up and he was not there.  We deeply miss him and know he is in a better place in heaven and still lives in our hearts and minds.

Sorry my update is late tonight but I had a Zoom Planning Board meeting.  We do have good news though.  Our numbers have trended so well that the Governor is starting to loosen some restrictions on his Executive Order.  Starting at 6 am on Monday nonessential construction can commence and nonessential business call resume business with curbside pickup only.   This is a small start at restarting our economy but we still have some work to do to get to the end of this pandemic and to have the Governor lessen more restrictions to permit in store purchases at nonessential stores and other activities.

New Jersey only had 1028 new positives today and we are now at 141,560 positives.  We need to start consistently going under 1,000 next.   Hospitalizations have hit a low we have not had since March as they started to climb up the mountain.  We are now heading down the mountain well.  Bergen County had a slight increase to 17,137 positives.  We did not get new numbers tonight for Wyckoff as the County had system inconsistency.

While we are getting closer to getting to the bottom of the mountain we need to beware that this virus is still out there and we need to take caution or we can head back up the mountain to where we were in April.  We do not want to go back there. 

Please continue with the social distancing, wearing masks and frequently washing hands as it has gotten us this far. This way we will all get to the bottom of this mountain together. We will do this. 

Wyckoff Strong!  

Have great night. 

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor