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Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update 5-8-20

I don't ever like to start out my update with a negative but I promise my update will get better. Unfortunately I got another call from our Bergen County Health officer, Hansel, tonight and we lost another 2 Wyckoff residents to this terrible virus. Please keep these 2 lost souls and their family in your thoughts and prayers. We have now lost 61 Wyckoff residents and I will need help when this is over trying to determine who they were when I put together a memorial for them likely at Russell Farms. I do not get the names of these residents and would want to include their families when we remember them. We are not there yet but just a thought.

NJ is continuing to trend it the right direction. Hospitalizations are down for 11 straight days as is at 4,605. Patients on ventilators have been down 7 days in row and patients in critical care are down 3 straight days and the curve has been heading down on all three metrics for weeks. NJ increased its positives today 1,985 to 135,454 but negative tests increased to 163,305. The positive rate is now down to 39% and is trending down with more testing of more than symptomatic patients. The increased testing is necessary to reopen as that is part of CDC recommendations for re-opening. Wyckoff numbers actually went down today as they cleaned up the positive numbers to 278.

During my hour plus telephone conference call with Governor Murphy's staff today they advised they are working on plans to let non essential business start curbside pick up and advised the mayors to advise the local non essential businesses to start making plans to reopen by installing plexi-glass at register areas similar to those in food stores to protect the employees and the customers when they come in contact and to plan on making customers and employees use face guards. Start planning this now so all our businesses can open as soon as the Executive Order gets amended. I will reach out to the Wyckoff Chamber of Commerce tomorrow so we can get the word out. When we do open we need to be smart as this virus is still out there and there is no vaccine yet. We can do this the same as we are doing this at food stores.

Wyckoff Township will have the recycling center open tomorrow (first Saturday in weeks) from 10 am to 2 pm for residents to drop off branches, leaves, grass clippings and vegetative waste, electronics and clothes donations. Bottles, cans, cardboard and paper will not be permitted as they are picked up curbside. To enter you must wear a face covering and maintain 6 foot distances. A DPW employee will be at the gate restricting how many cars can enter at a time so everyone can maintain social distancing and the center does not become over crowded at any one time. Please be patient and courteous as we try and navigate our new normal while we limit the spread of this awful virus.

Please remember to maintain your social distances, wear a face mask to protect others and others will wear one to protect you and frequently wash your hands. This will bring all our numbers down and prevent illness.

We can do this as a Wyckoff family. We are Wyckoff Strong!

Have a great night and enjoy your Saturday.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor