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Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update May 1, 2020

Tonight I received another call from Bergen Health advising that we lost another 4 residents to the horrible virus and that they are not all from CHCC. Please keep these lost souls in your thoughts and prayers as well as their families. We now mourn 56 Wyckoffians we have lost during this pandemic. God bless them and their families during this difficult time.

Other than the unfortunate loss of life, we are still trending in the right direction. The State of New Jersey positives increased 2,538 today to 121,190. Bergen County positives increased to 15,830 from 15,610 yesterday. Wyckoff positives only increased 2 to 276. We hopefully will see a further decrease in the state positives next week to get us under 2,000 a day.

The hospitalization numbers statewide hit their lowest numbers since March and even trended down in the south Jersey where they had been trending up for days. See the attached hospitalization charts showing a decline in North, Central and South Jersey. This is good news for us as a State.

i was on 1 hour and 45 minute conference call with the Governor and the Bergen County Executive. I had asked the Governor's aids about plans for letting non essential businesses conduct curbside pickup to permit these businesses to make sales and save our town businesses from going out of business and Wyckoff having all vacant commercial properties in town. I was told they were working on possible revisions to the Executive order to permit these type of sales.

I also spoke to the Bergen County Executive about his decision to not to open the Bergen County Environmental Center in Wyckoff. He did not open it because the trails are narrow and it would be difficult for users to keep 6 foot distances from one another. During that conference call he also reported that the County of Bergen now has a 30 million dollar deficit due to the pandemic and that Bergen County towns cannot delay the payment of the County Taxes if they extend the grace period for residents to pay real estate property taxes to June 1, 2020. Wyckoff will still extend the grace period to June 1, 2020.

This weekend will be very nice. Parks are open for passive recreation but all users of the park will have to wear mouth coverings, maintain 6 foot distances from others and not engage in activities not permitted or the parks will be closed again. While we have made good progress, we need to keep doing what we have been doing in washing hands frequently, maintaining social distances when out, staying at home as much as possible and wearing masks when coming in contact with those outside our homes. If we stop doing that we could backtrack back to the middle of April very soon which is not where we want to go.

We got this and need to get back to a new normal but we still have work to do. We will get there together but cannot rush getting there or cut corners. Stay Wyckoff Strong.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor

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