Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update July 29, 2020

We still have some warning signs to keep an eye on. The Rate of Transmission (ROT) did not increase today but remains at 1.14 and we need to get it back under the benchmark of 1. It is a good sign it stopped increasing though. NJ went under 500 new positives today but barely. NJ had 489 new positives that brings NJ to 180,766 positives. NJ hospitalizations are up again from 718 yesterday to 761 today. They increased in the North from 303 yesterday to 332 today, decreased in the Central from 244 yesterday to 235 today and increased in the South from 171 yesterday to 194 today.

Patients on ventilators have deceased by 1 patient and use remains at 1.6% of capacity today and patients in critical care increased by 4 to 116 today. There are now 34 states that we are asked to self quarantine from if we visit and come back to NJ. Attached is the list of these States.

The long list of States having issues controlling this virus is a reminder that this virus is still very active throughout the country easily brought into NJ and Wyckoff. The 489 new positives in NJ and the fact that NJ new positives were over 2,000 in the last 4 days is also a reminder that it is still active in NJ.

We must remain vigilant in stopping the spread of the virus. My next report is Friday when we get our new numbers from Bergen County.

Keep the faith! Remain Wyckoff Strong!

Have great night and an awesome Thursday!

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor