Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update June 29, 2020

NJ only had 156 new positives today, our lowest daily increase that may have occurred on day 2 of the pandemic in NJ. NJ is now at 171,272. Hospitalizations also dropped below 1,000 for the first time since it started in March. Hospitalizations are at 978 with 454 in the North, 270 in the Central and 256 in the South. Patients in critical care are down to 225 and ventilator use is down to 5.9%

The rate of transmission is stuck at .86% which is likely the reason Governor Murphy put the brakes on indoor dining that was supposed to start at 25% of capacity on July 2nd. A number of States in the South like Florida and Texas are attributing their recent surges to opening bars and indoor dining too soon and the rise in their transmission rates. We do not want our transmission rate to go above 1.

The Recycling Center is now back to its normal hours.

I unfortunately received a telephone call tonight from Hansel from Bergen County Health advising that we had another unfortunate death of a Wyckoff resident related to this horrible virus. Please say a prayer for this person and their family. Because I got a telephone call I also received our numbers of positives that increased 6 positives since Thursday to 349 positives. There was no increases of deaths or positives for CHCC on the NJ site for Long Term Care Facilities but that could change tomorrow and I will report that if it does. Otherwise, we have to deal with the possibility these are new cases in town.

This is why we need to be reminded to continue our social distancing, wearing of our mask and avoiding large gatherings, especially indoors. We do not want to go back to March and April and right now we are not on a path heading back there. Lets keep it that way. We can do this. Keep the faith.

Have a great night.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor