Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update June 28, 2020

Today NJ reported 354 new positives and a total of 171,182. NJ hospitalizations dropped again and we are down to 1,014 patients in hospital. This is the closest we have been to under 1,000 since we began the climb up the mountain. They are down to 477 in the North, 310 in the Central and 227 in the South. Ventilator use also dropped to 6% of capacity and patients in critical care dropped to 223. Hopefully we can drop to under 1,000 patients in hospitals tomorrow.

Tomorrow malls are permitted to open but you have to wear a mask to shop. We are on a great path as we look to close out June in few days. Lets enter July on a good roll.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Remember this virus is still a threat and we must take all precautions when we go out in public. We can still do it but just need to take the precautions that have helped us the last month of wearing masks, social distancing, no hand shaking (I favor the elbow bump) and frequently washing hands and avoiding touching our face.

We still have our work ahead but we got this because we are Wyckoff Strong.

Have a great night and may your Monday be brighter than a normal Monday.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor