Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update June 26, 2020

NJ had 524 new positives today and is now up to 170,584. NJ hospitalizations decreased to 1,118 and they decrease to 504 in the North, 351 in the Central and 263 in the South. Ventilator use decreased to 6.6% of capacity and patients in critical care dropped to 234. The virus transmission rate also decreased to .86%. All good signs for our State.

Governor Murphy has provided guidelines that would permit our schools to plan to bring students back to a live classroom in September. Each school district will have to submit its plan for approval to the State at least 4 weeks before school openings. There are strict requirements of keeping students 6 feet apart and teachers, staff and visitors wearing masks. it recommends that students wear masks as well but it does not seem like its mandated by the guidelines.

The ball is now in the Wyckoff K-8 and Ramapo Indian Hills School Boards to devise their plans for September. I do have to thank Governor Murphy for listening to our requests for time for the school boards to plan by providing the guidelines by the end of June.

Bergen County ran late on our numbers tonight so that is why my update is so late. Bergen County has 201 new positives since Tuesday and is now at 19,283 positive. Wyckoff went down one from Tuesday and is at 343 positives We have slowed the spread of the virus in Bergen County and in Wyckoff.

We are still on a good path with not spreading this virus. Thank you for all the mask wearing, avoiding large gatherings, social distancing as this is helping stop the spread of this horrible virus in town, in Bergen County and in New Jersey. It is also keeping people out of the hospital. Keep up the good work.

We are getting there in our new lifestyles that protect us and our families. Keep the faith that we will get back to normal at some point. Remain Wyckoff Strong!

Have a great night and enjoy your Saturday tomorrow.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor