Wyckoff Town Hall

Mayor Shanley COVID-19 Update June 24, 2020

NJ had 317 new positives today and is at 169,892 positives. NJ unfortunately had a second day of increased hospitalizations to 1,196, with increases in the north to 526 and 390 in the Central and a decrease to 280 in the south. Ventilator use was slightly down to 6.9% and patients in critical care were virtually unchanged at 275.

The NJ rate of transmission has also increased to .86. Hopefully these trends are only a 2 day trend of increases and they go down tomorrow. These are reminders that this virus is still a threat to our health if we don't take the necessary precautions we have over the last few months.

We will not be getting any updates from Bergen County until Friday for Wyckoff or the County. I did check the NJ website for long term care facilities and it was updated today for CHCC. They are still at 128 positives but increased to 61 deaths. As a result the death we had on my June 22, 2020 report appears to be a CHCC Wyckoff resident.

Governor Murphy made a number of announcements today on further openings. On July 2, 2020 he is permitting libraries, museums, aquariums, arcades, bowling alleys, gun shooting ranges and indoor batting cages to open at 25% capacity limits. The guidance is still not out to allow these facilities to permit them to plan for these openings but should be later this week. Gyms still cannot fully open but they will be able to permit individual training by a personal trainer by appointments only.

We should continue to try to avoid large gatherings, wear a mask if we are in large gatherings and frequently wash our hands. Testing is widely available and its encouraged to get tested if you have been in a large gathering.

We can do this and will do this and will get to the end of this. Keep the faith. Wyckoff Strong.

Have a great night.

Tim Shanley, Wyckoff Mayor