Van Horn - Ackerman House

Did you know Wyckoff has a Historic Preservation Commission?

Wyckoff has a very rich history. Within the township there are over 14 structures which are currently on the state and national historic registries. There are also many stone houses in the township which date back to the 18th century.

The commission, in addition to preserving and protecting the rich heritage of the township and it’s structures, has a mission to educate the public of the importance and historical significance of them. The Lenni Lenape Indians were the first to make their home here. By the early 1700’s they were joined by Dutch and English farmers. The Indian past endures in street names like Sicomac – which is an Indian word meaning happy hunting ground –and the colonial past in stone houses can be seen on the corner of Wyckoff and Franklin Avenues that was the Brownstone Inn for many years.

Commission Plans are underway to further protect the heritage of Wyckoff by meeting with historic property owners, to gather more information about the history of their homes and discuss how we can partner to protect them. 

Formal designation through a township registry may also be available in the future to identify buildings of historical, architectural and cultural significance. The Historical Preservation Commission hopes to assist property homeowners in maintaining the integrity and authenticity of their homes.

If a home is designated, the WHPC will consult on exterior renovations to maintain historical integrity. Interior renovations do not require the WHPC’s involvement.

Homes can be nominated by homeowners as well as the WHPC. Details of the criteria for selection can be found by viewing the township site on Wyckoff-nj.com. The commission meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM through a zoom call. A link may be obtained by contacting town hall.