Historic Preservation in Wyckoff

Second Historic Stone Building in Bergen County


The Wyckoff Township Committee recently enacted legislation to create an Historical Preservation Commission. The duties of the nine-member Commission include preparing a survey of historic landmarks in the Township, making recommendations to the Planning Board on the historic preservation section of our Master Plan, and advising our land use boards on applications pursing development of historic properties.

Early in 2019 Wyckoff’s Township Committee legislated a new historic preservation ordinance in an effort to safeguard the heritage of Wyckoff by preserving structures, objects, and sites which the Township designates as historic landmarks.  The ordinance serves as a reasonable balance between the rights of property owners and the public interest in preserving the character of the Township by safeguarding historic landmarks.  Development activities which affect an historic landmark will now require application to and review by an Historic Preservation Commission established by the ordinance.  The Commission will prepare a report after review and provide the same to the appropriate Land Use Board or authority.  It is not the intention of the historic preservation ordinance to limit an owner’s property rights.  The simple purpose of the ordinance is to educate owners and developers of the value of historic landmarks as well as alternatives to proposed development, in an effort to preserve the character, heritage, and historic elements of the Township.