Curbside Garbage Collection

The Wyckoff Township Committee has awarded five year contracts effective January 1st, 2018, for curbside collection of solid waste and for weekly curbside collection of recyclables (Cardboard/newsprint/mixed paper one week and liquid/food containers the next week.)

The garbage & trash collection contract provides:

  • Residential properties, houses of worship, and small commercial operation.
  • Once-a-week curbside collections September through May;                                               Eight (8) cans/bins/containers per pickup.
  • Twice-a-week curbside collections June, July and August;                                                 Four (4) cans/bins/containers per pickup.

Place at curb after 6:00 pm the night before scheduled pickup.  Curbside collections begin at 6:00 am.

View the 2020 Municipal Calendar HERE which includes all collection information and schedules.

(You may obtain a copy of the Municipal Calendar in the Clerk's Office at Town Hall.)

View the Street Index HERE to locate your collection district.


For metal bulk items, prior to placing items at the curb, please call (201) 891-7000 ext. 101 to schedule an appointment for pickup and provide your address.  Pickups are scheduled for Wednesday's, except when leaf collection and snow removal is in progress.

View the Reference Table for Disposal of Solid Waste and Recyclables.